foamToEnsight.C File Reference

Translates OpenFOAM data to EnSight format. More...

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Detailed Description

Translates OpenFOAM data to EnSight format.

Original source file foamToEnsight.C

An Ensight part is created for the internalMesh and for each patch.

  • foamToEnsight [OPTION]
    Translates OpenFOAM data to Ensight format
Write Ensight data in ASCII format instead of "C Binary"
Specify particular patches to write. Specifying an empty list suppresses writing the internalMesh.
Suppress writing any patches.
Specify faceZones to write, with wildcards
Specify single cellZone to write (not lagrangian)
Parallel support for cloud data is not supported
  • writes to EnSight directory to avoid collisions with foamToEnsightParts

Definition in file foamToEnsight.C.