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 if (bci!=0)



Function Documentation

if ( bci!  = 0)

Definition at line 1 of file checkPatch.H.

References forAll, fv(), idface(), Foam::mag(), Foam::max(), pFaces, points, quadFace(), triFace(), and y.

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Variable Documentation

Initial value:
<< "bc not defined for active cell = " << i
<< exit(FatalError)
const word & executable() const
Name of executable without the path.
Definition: argListI.H:30
errorManipArg< error, int > exit(error &err, const int errNo=1)
Definition: errorManip.H:125
Foam::argList args(argc, argv)
#define FatalErrorIn(fn)
Definition: error.H:318

Definition at line 90 of file checkPatch.H.