treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findNearestOp Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 findNearestOp (const indexedOctree< treeDataPrimitivePatch > &tree)
void operator() (const labelUList &indices, const point &sample, scalar &nearestDistSqr, label &minIndex, point &nearestPoint) const
void operator() (const labelUList &indices, const linePointRef &ln, treeBoundBox &tightest, label &minIndex, point &linePoint, point &nearestPoint) const
 Calculates nearest (to line) point in shape. More...

Detailed Description

template<class PatchType>
class Foam::treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findNearestOp

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void operator() ( const labelUList indices,
const point sample,
scalar &  nearestDistSqr,
label &  minIndex,
point nearestPoint 
) const

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References forAll, treeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::patch(), and sqr().

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void operator() ( const labelUList indices,
const linePointRef ln,
treeBoundBox tightest,
label &  minIndex,
point linePoint,
point nearestPoint 
) const

Calculates nearest (to line) point in shape.

Returns point and distance (squared)

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